Jerez de los Caballeros is located in the south-west of the Province of Badajoz and is surrounded by towns, each of which is more picturesque than the last.
The best way to discover this town is to walk up and down its hills and around its narrow, stone streets, visit its Templar wall, explore its palaces and stately homes, investigate its districts, locate its towers, and dive into its churches where the worshipped "thrones" that parade through the town during Easter Week are kept. Visit its museums, enjoy the views from any part of the town, and don't forget about its fortress, the Dolmen del Toriñuelo, the “Torre Sangrienta” (the "Bloody Tower"), or its Plaza de España where people head to sample the town's famous gastronomy. Explore the boundless historical heritage of this town.
One of the most pleasant routes in the area involves a walk around the town's reservoirs. Jerez de los Caballeros boasts a naturally rich environment of significant ornithological value and one of the greatest expanses of meadows in the world. For this reason, the area is known as "the cradle of the Iberian pig."
Between holm-oak wood and cork oak trees you will find great ornithological biodiversity and you will be able to observe different bird communities up close.
At Valuengo Reservoir, Brovales Reservoir and the reservoir named “La Charca de la Albuera” you will be able to discern important concentrations of aquatic birds.
White storks, black storks, cranes, eagles and many other species can be sighted at these locations.
Furthermore, you can visit this destination at any time of year. Autumn/winter is the perfect time to learn more about the “world” of the Iberian pig, visit ham drying facilities, participate in traditional slaughters, and sample the delicacies of this animal alongside traditional “migas” and a “bollo turco”, which is a typical sweet in Jerez de los Caballeros.
Jerez de los Caballeros is also famed for its Easter Week celebrations, which have been declared of tourist interest. For this reason, March/April is also an excellent time for a visit.
During the month of May, “El Salón del Jamón Ibérico” takes place. This is a fair during which the only protagonist is ham, the region's star gastronomy product. During this fair, tasting sessions are hosted, cutting competitions take place and much more is on offer.
In July, our important Templar past takes centre stage. During this month, a festival that involves many cultural options, theatre works, several performances, themed stores, traditional food and more is celebrated. Come and experience the Templar Festival at Jerez de los Caballeros.
Every weekend in August oversees the celebration of traditional evening events in the town's different neighbourhoods.
Ham and the “bollo turco” are the best "souvenirs" you could take home with you.
People who enjoy sports will find numerous hill-walking and cycling routes in Jerez de los Caballeros and the surrounding area, in addition to nearby reservoirs where you can go fishing, among other activities.
Take advantage of your visit to Jerez de los Caballeros and explore the charming nearby towns and villages.